Environmental Impact

The future of our environment is very important to Custom Printed Products. We continually review our manufacturing processes and work to reduce our industrial impact on the environment.

Our current eco-positive initiatives include:

Recycled Material Use: We have partnered with several customers and have established processes that allow us to re-use certain components relevant to their projects, eliminating the need to deposit them in a landfill. If this is an option your company would like to explore with your projects, mention it to your CPP representative when you begin the production process.

Waste Stream Reduction: We have reduced our waste stream by separating manufacturing waste and recycling scrap. These measures help the environment by decreasing pollution and the energy consumption associated with "wasted waste".  As of October 1, 2012, we have reduced our landfill deposits by 11 tons weekly. 

Inks: We use water-based inks that do not contain Heavy Metals. Using these ink alternatives improves indoor air quality for employees and reduces certain health risks associated with previous ink bases.

Energy Consumption: We are working daily to find more efficient ways to conserve energy. We have installed an energy efficient roof and are currently replacing our air conditioning units with new energy efficient models. Lighting in our facility is also currently being replaced with energy efficient light bulbs, providing better quality light while also reducing the impact on our environment.