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Read below to see more of what our clients think of us and our services:


Thanks to you for all you do. Having excellent supplier support is such a great help and you go above and beyond to make sure COP plants have what they need when they need it.


Many times it is forgotten to thank those vendors that help James Austin Company offer the best value and to be the finest provider of products to its customers. Typically, our customers do not see the story behind the scenes, when it comes to manufacturing a product and delivering it to them with value, quality and conscientious guardianship.  I just wanted to thank your company and all those involved in printing our labels.  Without Al Luthner and Jenny O'Quinn's assistance in sales and customer service, the process wouldn't
be as smooth as it is now.

Paul Miley and Mark Miller do a great job in processing the artwork. It is not uncommon for changes to be made where either gentlemen turns the request around in a couple of hours. Not only are we impressed, but our customers are truly astonished by those quick responses, thinking that we have our own in-house art department dedicated to the tasks at hand.

You certainly have a dedicated company, with a wonderful staff. That is evident in both your Bossier City and Edinburg plants. You obviously have succeeded in your corporate missions of maintaining a
position of leadership, focusing on customer satisfaction, as well as investing in your associates."

-James Austin Company

We would like to convey our sincere gratitude to you for providing our department with the junior firefighter and 911 stickers. So far this year we have educated over 10,000 children on fire safety. It is your generosity that helps make our programs successful. We really appreciate the courtesy and great customer service that you and your staff have provided to us throughout the years.

-Bossier City Fire Department

I really appreciate you and your team at Custom going above and beyond for us. I had a surprise visit yesterday from the owner of the company that we used to print our labels before we switched to you. I happened to have proofs with CUSTOM strung all over my desk at the time. He was stopping by to see what could be done to earn back our business and I could not lie. I told him honestly that that would not be happening for the following reasons -

  • The art department at CPP is "top notch". I explained we no longer have to deal with the agency that took two weeks for changes because the art department at CPP was so remarkable...That all we have to do is send the concept and they make it happen! Quickly too!!!
  • Our sales lady has driving labels to us to get us out of a time crunch (that we are always in).
  • And I could go one and on like I did complimenting you on the service and quality that we have received!

Had he come today, I could have told him that you re-proofed AGAIN a proof that had already been signed off on!  So I know at times you have got to get frustrated dealing with us as we learn/adjust/change/adapt to
growth...Sincerely, I appreciate the time and work that is devoted to us at Southern!!

-Southern BBQ Sauce

Thanks, Jenny. As always, the CPP Team has gone "beyond the call of duty" to successfully meet our last minute emergency needs. Here is your gold star for the week. Please feel free to display this note
or it is also suitable for framing.

-Morningstar Foods


I cannot begin to tell you how many comments I have received on the quality and overall aesthestics of the artwork on these new items your team is responsible for.  I have not had a single person that was not impressed with the design, color combinations, etc.  I think all too often a simle "Thank You" is easily forgotten, but in this case it is not nearly enough.

Great job and we appreciate all you've done.

-Overtime Beverage

I want to thank you and your team for helping us get labels to bottle suppliers and our plant for this new customer in such a fast turn-around. Acting as fast as we did, we have endeared ourselves, along with our suppliers, to them by proving that we can do what we said we could. Thanks again for all your help on this.

-Omni Specialty Packaging

In our Aerosol Whipped Topping meeting, I brought to everyone's attention that Custom gave us 25 free labels and they were all really excited. Gary Veuve is the operations manager over Gustine and Murray and he was singing Custom's praises BIG time. So from the AWT team, I want to send our thanks to you and to Paul again for the great job you are doing with this transition. You guys are the greatest.

-Morningstar Foods

Just wanted you guys to know that Custom has done an outstanding job with the aerosol label transition. Us pushing orders through in a rush and then changing our minds and then needing to run old vs. new. Quite a challenge for Volak In at Morningstar, but it was a bigger challenge for Custom.

They have made this transition a lot smoother than I ever thought it could be, and it has not been easy for them to do.

Just wanted to give a "BIG" thank you to a company that deserves it.

Jenny and Paul were great through all of this. Paul was on several conference calls with customers helping them decide how best to create the artwork so they could do a great job in printing the labels.  Jenny was awesome in scheduling everything.

-Morningstar Foods